Welcome!  Let's meet the candidates:
  1. Diane "Pinky" Harman(Retired Educator/Actor)
  2. Y.J. Draiman(Neighborhood Council Boardmember)
  3. Frantz Pierre (Community Activist)
  4. David Hernandez (Community Advocate)
  5. Eric Preven(Writer/Producer)
  6. David "Zuma Dogg" Saltsburg(Community Activist)
  7. Mitchell Schwartz (Small Businessperson)
  8. Paul E. Amori (Creative Artist)
  9. Yuval Kremer(Math Educator/Activist)
  10. Dennis Richter (Factory Worker)

Everyone, except Mayor Yoga Pants, showed up, 
and it was cramped!  But it was a great time, 
and at least Snowflake Garcetti was there with us in spirit:
Check out our video and photos of the debate below:


You can also listen to the full thing in case you missed it!  
LA City voters: You've got 10 other options 
besides Eric Garcetti, DO NOT VOTE FOR HIM!