Credit: Getty Images

On Thursday March 2nd we will be hosting our Los Angeles
Mayoral Debate Show at the iHeart studios in Burbank.
There are are 11 candidates running, and 10 of them have
agreed to participate.  Can you guess the candidate who
hasn't agreed to show up?  You got it, it's Eric Garcetti!
We'd love for him to be there, so please help us convince him:
Be nice, and let's get him to participate!
Election day is: Tuesday March 7, 2017

We're giving away 20 pairs of tickets to anybody who'd like to attend the debate.
Please submit a question you'd like to ask the candidates.
Make sure you ask a good question because we're going to decide which ones are the best.
The deadline for submissions is 2/28 at 2:00pm PT.

Fill out the form, submit your question, and cross your fingers you get picked. 
If you don't get in, that's okay. You can handle it, you're not a snowflake!
You can still tune in and hear a great show!
Save the date, Thursday March 2, 2017. 4pm to 6pm